Protein Shake Slim Hondro Mix – In motion

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This mix is with the delicate cream taste. Slim Hondro Mix is for those who have to normalize their weight as well as support the performance of their joints. They suffer most in case of heavy physical exercises and excess weight. Slim Hondro Mix contains high-quality protein in the optimum combination: 55% of serum protein and 45% of sunflower protein. The shake will be ideal for sportsmen (both professionals and amateurs). The mix contains natural amino acids, including the optimum amount of the most important and required for the body formation amino acids – BCAA (branched-chain amino acids). They are amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine. Exactly this complex supports the body in case of stresses and heavy exercises, helps to develop muscle tissue. BCAA are the fuel during exercises and are the first to help after them, restoring muscle fibres and relieving the feeling of tiredness; Soy, gluten, sugar, preservatives, dyes and synthetic premixes free. The product contains the maximum amount of natural components, including amino acids. Natural sweetener – stevia extract – gives nice taste to the shake. There are 11 grams of protein and only 50 kilocalories in one serving! The complex of “joint” components in the shake will help to support your joints and attain the set aims preserving your health! APPLICATION: Thoroughly mix 2 full teaspoons (18 g) of the dry product in 200 ml of fat-free milk at room temperature. You may use a shaker or a blender.
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