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Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream-Serum

Price €50.80

After age 45, there are not only internal changes in a woman’s body, but also external. The skin loses its elasticity, metabolism decreases in it and nutrition deteriorates. The subcutaneous fat thins, elasticity of the skin diminishes and it becomes flabby and sags. The functioning of perspiratory and oil glands weakens. At this age, it is time to seriously review your daily care! The premium series Charm Collection from TianDe is designed especially for women of an elegant age. The carefully selected components will help your skin to remember its youth! Wrinkles around the eyes are the first betrayal of a woman’s age. They may appear in some people already after age 25, some after 35 and others even 40. Their appearance depends a lot on facial activity: when you smile, the spider network spreads from the corners of the eyes, and over time, this pattern becomes noticeable. The anti-wrinkle eye cream-serum fights skin aging around the eyes on all fronts! It improves eye skin turgor and elasticity, promotes decreased wrinkling intensity, and is also an excellent moisturizer. With it you can forget about such a trouble as dropsy. Enjoy your fresh, young look! APPLICATION: Pat lightly to clean skin around the eyes in the morning and evening. Do not massage.

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Talisman Balm

Price €2.40

DESCRIPTION: Soothe the itchiness caused by insect bites? Calm irritated skin? Help abrasions to heal more quickly? It’s easy! Talisman is an everyday first-aid product for different kinds of skin damage. Its formulation is based on the extracts and oils of Altai medicinal plants, as well as a restorative complex with propolis, panthenol and allantoin – well-known components of pharmacy remedies. The balm gently and effectively treats the affected areas, having a protective, soothing and restorative effect. Talisman has the consistency of a clear gel that won’t leave a mark on clothes. Does not contain fragrances, dyes or parabens, has the natural scent of medicinal herbs. The product absorbs easily when applied, leaving a light film on the surface of the skin. This creates a protective barrier that prevents the penetration of bacteria while allowing the wound to heal properly without leaving a scar. The compact and economical packaging lets you keep the balm close at hand – it fits easily into a make-up bag, purse or glove compartment. APPLICATION: Apply to damaged areas of the skin in a light massaging motion.

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Aloe Vera Gel

Price €3.30

DESCRIPTION: Prefer natural skin-care products? Then you’ll love TianDe’s Aloe Vera Gel – it’s 99% comprised of natural components! What’s more, 98.5% of them consist of precious aloe vera juice, and 0.42% – of olive oil. Aloe Vera Gel is perfect for daily moisturising – you can use it on both your face and your body. If you like to tan, use it after sunbathing and your skin will thank you for it! Aloe’s biologically-active agents (lignins) penetrate the skin 4x faster and deeper than water. And the protective film formed by aloe extract keeps the skin from losing its moisture. You can use the gel to prevent the formation of small scars from scratches – under the effect of aloe vera, tissue heals faster than a scar has time to form! Aloe vera is suitable for all skin types: - normalises the functioning of the sebaceous glands of oily skin; - evens out combination skin; - soothes and softens dry, sensitive skin. The gel is perfect as a soothing moisturiser after shaving. Frequent travellers are sure to appreciate the new mini-format of this familiar product – the small sachet fits easily in your make-up bag, purse or glove compartment! APPLICATION: Apply a small amount of the gel to your damp skin or dilute it with a little water first.

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