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Snail Mucin Facial Mask, 1pc.

Price €5.80

The mask has a rejuvenating effect due to restoration of the skin's natural functions. Relieves inflammation and irritation, evens out the skin and reduces the visibility of wrinkles. Relieves inflammation and irritation, evens out the skin and reduces the visibility of wrinkles, actively replenishes moisture and gives radiance. The cream is based on the mucin secreted by snails, which contains a number of precious skincare ingredients such as collagen, elastin, vitamins А, С and Е, and hyaluronic acid, etc. The cream is designed for any skin type and age. Its composition includes mucin, powder made of Japanese rose buds, oat peptides and sodium hyaluronate.

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Slaviton Soothing Hand Cream, 30g

Price €2.60

Series Altai Sacral Cream makes the skin soft and supple, it effectively softens, even in the elbow area, where there are practically no sebaceous glands and the natural lipid grease. As a part of - natural oils and extracts Altai plant - one of the most ecologically clean regions of the planet. None parabens and dyes. Due to the presence in the composition of the extract of horse chestnut cream is particularly appreciated by those for whom the topical issue of "icy hands" due to impaired circulation. Gives hands a pleasant warmth, it makes the skin soft and supple even in elbows area. Economical packaging sachet allows to obtain a high quality product at an affordable price. 30 grams is enough for about a month of daily use.

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Snake Oil Antifungus Cream, 30g

Price €3.20

Excellently protects the skin, maintains normal pH, relieves irritations, heals cuts and wounds and eliminates toxins. Disinfects, improves blood circulation, relieves itching, provides antibacterial effect. Prevents the occurrence of minor skin infections, eliminates unpleasant odor and perspiration and makes the skin beautiful and well maintained. Snake oil is an ancient remedy used by Eastern medicine; it has an excellent penetrating property, ensures quick recovery and healing of the skin, reduces inflammation and softens rough, chapped skin.

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Green Tea Body Salt Scrub 60g

Price €3.10

Sea salt has a rejuvenating and invigorating effect on your skin, boosts metabolic processes and enriches your skin with micro- and macroelements, while enhancing its elasticity. Components contained in green tea extract boost the microcirculation of blood and nourishment of your skin, making it more resilient and enhancing its defensive functions.

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Grapefruit Body Salt 380g

Price €15.40

The grapefruit extract which is the main ingredient of this product tightens and softens the skin, and reduces the wrinkles. Fresh aroma with spicy tinge of bitterness has got invigorating effects and it lifts your spirits. Tiny salt crystals gently remove the dead cells and stimulate the regenerating process. The salt has got a peeling effect, it activates the blood circulation, removes toxins, improves the overall appearance of the skin and aids to the reduction of cellulite. The skin will feel smoother after the application of SPA technology salt without drying out.

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Snail Mucin Rejuvenating Booster-Cream for...

Price €8.90

This hand cream with snail mucin and corn-based amino acids moistens and softens the skin of your hands, helps damaged skin heal faster, makes your skin soft and silky. The cream stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, improving skin texture and elasticity. The cream absorbs quickly on both sides of your palm with no additional manipulation (massaging, patting, rubbing), creating an invisible protective film. The cream won’t leave any spots on your bag, clothes or papers. The cream has a delicate plant-based aroma, suitable for both women and men.

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Ginseng Body Care Salt, 150g

Price €8.70

Effectively cleans and exfoliates the skin, protects it from the negative effect of the environment, makes smooth. Removes the sensation of discomfort and astringency of the skin, reduces intensity of color of pigmented areas. The salt contains extract of six-year gingseng root with the maximum concentration of biologically active substances. It has bactericidal, regenerating, toning, circulation-stimulating, cleansing, rejuvenating and protective effect.

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Seaweed Body Care Salt, 150g

Price €8.70

Salt for removal from the body with seaweed effectively cleans and exfoliates the skin, improves its elasticity, moistens, soothes and nourishes the skin, maintains its hydro-balance. The product includes powdered Fucus (Pacific Ocean alga), which is an excellent preserver of moisture in the skin, is saturated with vitamins, macro- and trace elements.

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Slaviton Foot Phytogel, 125ml

Price €14.90

Plant extracts contained in the phytogel are conducive to eliminating cosmetic defects caused by varicosity. Helps get rid of the feeling of weight in your feet. Herbal fragrances refresh your skin and lift your spirits. The gel has a pleasant non-sticky texture, which easily spreads over the skin and gets absorbed quickly. Does not leave traces on your clothes, even when it is applied over nylon tights. The phytogel and Slaviton phyto bath used in combination will produce a multiplier effect.

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Phyto wrap "Modeling the figure", 20 g

Price €7.60

"На 100% натуральное средство, созданное для выполнения салонной процедуры в домашних условиях. Формула поликомпонентного обертывания является инновационной разработкой TianDe: листья и споры водорослей в его составе дополнены комплексом активных компонентов, которые значительно повышают эффект обертывания (водорослевый альгинат, корень имбиря, зеленый чай и алтайские травы).


- кожа более упругая, эластичная и подтянутая;

- объемы проблемных мест уменьшены;

- проявления целлюлита менее выражены

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Tropical Noni Hand Cream, 80g

Price €7.10

The cream restores a hydrolipid film and makes your hands feel soft and smooth. It instantly moisturizes the skin of your hands, protects your hands from drying and skin flaking. With regular use you will never have flaking skin again. The juice from Noni fruit contains a large amount of antioxidants which protect the skin against free radicals and prolong its youth. With regular use your hands will gain a nourished and attractive complexion.

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Men's shower gel with silver, 250g

Price €12.30

The shower gel was created with regards for the features of the male skin. The product includes disinfecting and bactericidal colloidal silver, which destroys micoorganisms and prevents the appearance of an unpleasant odor, ensuring a lengthy deodorizing effect. Also, in combination with other active components of the gel, the silver removes skin irritation and softens it. The product foams excellently. It has a stable, but very delicate aroma of freshness. It is liked both by mature men and youth. It does not contain parabens or dyes.

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Children's sponge mitten Baby Bambo

Price €8.20

Children's fiber mitten Baby Bambo is made of high-tech polyester fibers. This material very gently cleans the child's skin without injuring it. Due to the special pleating of the fibers, the sponge foams well any soap. During washing, a gentle massage occurs. The sponge mitten lasts a long time and is easy to care for: it rinses and dries quickly.

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