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Tourmaline Washing Spheres, 2pcs.

Price €54.40

Product for the environmentally-friendly and economical washing of colored garments and linens. As they contain no aggressive chemical substances, the ecospheres with tourmaline are completely safe for the environment. They replace not only laundry detergents and liquid products, but fabric softeners as well. The ecospheres are designed for 400 washes. By purchasing this product, you sponsor the planting of one coniferous tree within the scope of the TianDe Forest charitable program.

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Soap Nut Dishwashing Liquid, 500 ml

Price €18.80

Natural and safe detergent. Efficiently removes contamination of various origin, even in cold water. Easily washes off dishware. This detergent is based on saponin, a natural foaming agent contained in soap nut shells. It fully degrades in the environment and does not produce alkaline reactions. Soap nut is not only harmless to human health, but has a smoothing and anti-inflammatory effect on hand skin.

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