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Make-Up Brush Set

Price €8.20

This convenient set includes 5 items: a lipstick brush; an eyeshadow brush and applicator; an eyelash and eyebrow brush; and a powder and rouge brush. Cutting-edge materials and the advanced shapes of the brushes and applicators will help you create a top-quality and precise make-up look.

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City Chic Cream Powder tone 1

Price €13.40

This cream-powder literally adapts to your complexion and creates an impeccably natural make-up look. The line between natural and artificial color is invisible. There is only one shadow, natural and homogeneous. The product is suitable for any skin type. APPLICATION: Apply a small amount of the cream-powder to your cleansed face and neck skin.

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Eye-liner for eyelids "City Style", 2 g

Price €7.40

The City Style Eye Liner combines the advantages of a pencil (ease of use even for first-timers) and a liquid eye liner (precision and sustainability of results). The eye liner's applicator has the optimum thickness and therefore colors even contour between the eyelashes. Good ink supply makes it possible to easily control the thickness of lines by varying pressure intensity. A line drawn quickly dries, does not leave marks on the eyelid, does not smudge, crack or bleed throughout the day.

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