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Ginseng Recovery Hair Balm, 500 g

Price €19.40

Ginseng root contained in the balm's composition actively restores hair structure, boosts its growth and prevents hair loss. Prevents the appearance of dandruff and protects hair against moisture loss. Makes it strong, silky, voluminous and easily styled. Recommended for weakened, permed, colored hair that is subject to frequent drying and hairdressing.

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Damage-Erasing Hair Balm, 500g

Price €15.90

The balm, enriched with an active plant complex, efficiently cares for the scalp, saturating the hair with nutrients and vitamins, repairs the structure of damaged hair and has a regenerating and hydrating effect. Plant proteins found in natural extracts boost blood circulation in the upper layers of the scalp, strengthen hair roots, activate its growth and prevent hair loss. Facilitates styling. Suitable for all hair types.

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Ling Zhi Hair Strengthening Balm, 220g

Price €13.10

The components contained in the balm's composition are conducive to strengthening hair roots, speeding up cell division and maintaining hair growth. Prevent hair loss and restore hair structure after its coloring and perming. Hair remains clean and radiant for a longer time, gets a healthy appearance and extra volume, becomes thicker and more easily combed.

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