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Shampoo "Snake Factor", 200 ml

Price €15.00

This shampoo contains snake lipids which are the source of alpha-linolenic acid. Alpha-linolenic acid forms a natural part of hair. The lipids are the key element in healthy looking hair. The lipid layer weakens as the hair grows. In the areas where this lipid layer is damaged, evaporation of water occurs leading to dehydration of hair roots. These become brittle and acummulate electric charge. The hair becomes weaker, prone to tangeling and difficult to manage. The snake lipids in this shampoo contribute to the renewal of this natural protective layer. With every single use you will see you hair becoming stronger, shinier and well nourished without the need for hair masks and conditioners. It is an ideal shampoo for damaged, brittle hair with splitting ends. It is suitable for every day use. Parabens free.

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Anti Grey Hair Shampoo, 420ml

Price €23.10

Stimulates formation of melanin, restores natural pigmentation of hair, prevents appearance of grey hairs. The combined action of its active ingredients gives energy and vitality to hair roots, boosts the activity of hair follicles and is conducive to the growth of thick and healthy hair. The exclusive anti-age biocomplex combats aging, strengthens the natural protection of the scalp and helps restore hair pigmentation, returning its healthy luster. Regular use of the shampoo enables cells to increase production of the pigments that ensure natural hair color. Does not contain dying agents.

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Shampoo Mask with Keratin, 8g

Price €0.40

Due to the content in the shampoo-mask TianDe complex Silsoft Q dyed hair retain color within 7-8 weeks! For the restoration of the structure of hair as part of the means responsible natural proteins - keratins. Shampoo-mask does not contain sulphates and parabens, which contributes to gently cleanse the hair and scalp is an additional color protection factor and prolongs the effect of the keratin straightening and hair lamination. Shampoo mask with keratins for colored hair - is a means of "2 in 1": delicate cleansing + Care. After applying the shampoo will not have to use an additional balm. Shampoo mask TianDe ideal for co-voshinga - popular conditioned hair washing procedure, which solves the problem of hair, bruised staining, heat styling, bouffant, perm and other means of creating beauty.

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Shampoo mask with keratin for Colour-Treated...

Price €13.00

The Shampoo - Mask TianDe contains a Silsoft Q complex which will keep your hair colour perfect for 7-8 weeks! The natural protein – keratin, a part of this product, helps to restore a structure of the hair. The Shampoo - Mask is sulphate and paraben free. This ensures the product provides gentle care for your hair and sculp. The product protects the colour and makes the keratin straightening and laminating effects last longer. Keratin Shampoo-Mask for coloured hair TianDe is a 2 in 1 product: gentle hair washing and care. There is no need to use a conditioner after using this Shampoo-Mask. The product is ideal for so called co-washing – a popular way of hair washing with a conditioner. Co-washing is particularly suitable for coloured and damaged hair caused by hair drying, brushing, straightening, curling and other hair styling procedures.

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