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Hair Growth Activator Tonic, 50g

Price €26.00

The Hair Growth Activator Tonic is designed to prevent increased hair loss. The active composition of the substance directly influences hair follicles and ensures a comprehensive effect: - helps stop hair loss; - activates the growth of new hair; - is conducive to normalizing the activity of sebaceous glands; - improves the nourishment of hair, returning its vitality and beauty; - helps your hair withstand adverse external impacts.

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Hair Fluid with Argan Oil, 100ml

Price €44.30

"TianDe Hair Fluid with Argan Oil is at once light and intensive; the product provides deep nourishment of the hair without leaving it heavy. The oil absorbs quickly without a trace, filling in microdamage areas in the structure of the hair. This is a 4-in-1 product. It restores damaged hair, repairs split-ends, protects the hair against harmful external influences, recreates the protective layer, deeply nourishes and moisturizes the hair, and makes it easier to style – unruly hair becomes manageable, and wavy hair forms well-shaped curls. The oil can be applied to moist and dry hair of any type. Requires no rinsing! "

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