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Shaving Cream, 150 ml

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Enriched with kalanchoe extract, the cream relieves discomfort associated with shaving. Mint oil gives a cool feeling. The thick whipped cream texture allows the cream to create a nice thick foam, providing easy gliding of the blade. Kalanchoe One of the most common medical uses for the kalanchoe pinnata is for the treatment of wounds and minor illnesses. For lesions, skin ulcers, and external infections, the leaves of the plant are mashed or boiled and applied directly to the affected area. Healers claim that the plant speeds healing while providing analgesic relief to the patient. spacer.gif For illnesses such as head colds and influenza symptoms, caregivers usually boil kalanchoe leaves to make a topical poultice or administer extracts in a warm drink. Some healers also rely on kalanchoe’s antiviral properties to treat drug-resistant bacterial infections such as staphylococcus, pseudomonas, and E. coli.

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